Procurement Awareness Sessions

Since the Public Health Agency delivered the Procurement Awareness Sessions in 2013, the European Union has introduced a new procurement directive which became law in the UK on the 26 Feb 2015.  The new regulations are called Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (SI No 102). 

The Social Care Services commissioned by the Public Health Agency mainly fall under (Regulation 74-77:  Social and other specific services) and allows for a light touch regime for this type of procurement.  A copy of a brief produced by the Crown Commercial Service on the Light Touch Regime is available as a PDF here.  These regulations only apply to contracts with a total value exceeding £625,050.  With effect from 1 Jan 2016 the threshold has reduced to £589,148.  All contracts above this threshold will be advertised on e-tendersni and in the OJEU as well as on the PHA website.  Contracts falling below this value will continue to be advertised in the Press and on the Public Health Agency website under the 'Contracts' tab.

The Tender documentation and application process have been updated to reflect the requirements of the new Regulations. The changes to the legislation should be taken into account when reading the attached presentation.   



To help build awareness and capacity in groups and organisations interested in procurement opportunities, the PHA held a number of Procurement Awareness Sessions in autumn 2013 which were open to all prospective providers/tenderers interested in applying for future PHA tender awards.

These sessions:

  • provided an overview of relevant legislation and policy under which PHA procurement will be conducted;
  • outlined how procurement will operate including how tenders will be advertised and the documentation that will be used;
  • set out the nature of information sought from tenderers including that relating to costing and activity;
  •  provided an outline of timescales for various tender exercises.

A copy of the PowerPoint presentation used at these sessions is available as a PDF file here.
A list of organisations to contact for further advice and guidance is available as a PDF file here.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions from the Procurement Awareness sessions is available as a PDF file here;  we strongly recommend that you take a look at these.

The PHA will from time to time provide further Procurement Awareness sessions and may also participate in those organised by other bodies.


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